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10% Off your project

Tor Contracting is offering a 10% Discount to our Customers when they book now for their 2019 spring/ summer project before March 31 2019.

This Offer Includes All of Tor Contractings Seasonal Services Including:

  • Excavation
  • Concrete; Pads, Sidewalks, Foundations, Garages & Sheds
  • Foundation Repairs; Cracks & Waterproofing
  • Drainage; Channel Drains, Down Spouts, Weeping Systems, Drainage Systems
  • Culverts; New Installation or Replacements
  • Utility Trenchs; Hydro, Water & Sewer, Gas, etc.
  • Demolition; Sheds, Garages, etc.
  • Grading; Driveways, Yards, etc.

                                                         Our Limitations Don't End Here. 

                        Contact Us With Your Project and We'll Help You In Every Way Possible

                                                       *** Offer Expires March 31 2019 ***