Bin Rental Agreement

Rental period, changes & pricing

Our bin rentals include the delivery, the rental duration of the bin and pick-up of the bin. 

For example, if you have a bin delivered on the 1stof the month then your bin should be ready for pick up at anytime on the 7th day of the month. If you have additional waste, we would be happy to rent you additional bins at a quoted fee.

If you need the bin for longer than the 7 day period we charge 25$ per day or 150$ per week.

If you are finished with the bin before the 7 day rental period, please let us know and we will schedule the bin for pick up at the earlier opportunity.

If you would like to extend your date of pick up you must call (24 hours in advance) during office hours to confirm the changes. 

Extra charges will apply if these changes are not confirmed with the office staff prior to a scheduled bin drop off or pick up.

*ALL bins are subject to a minimum .75 tonne disposal fee.

*Ready for pick up means that the DOORS are LATCHED PROPERLY (top and bottom), the load is a LEVEL LOAD (nothing above the top rail) and any SHARP OBJECTS are to be pointing down so it does not damage the tarp. Also make sure there is nothing blocking the bin such as debris or vehicles – this may result in your bin not being picked up and an extra fee may be charged for a second attempt.

Pick up is usually within 24 hours of your call.

Bin Placement

Our bins should be places on a solid flat surface (concrete, asphalt or gravel driveway). Bins can be placed on grass or soft ground areas but will only be places in these areas if specifically advised to do so by the customer. Any expenses related to damage incurred as a result of placing the bin on grass or soft ground is solely the responsibility of the customer.

Mixed Waste 

Is defined as Household Waste, Construction or Renovation Material, Wood Waste, Brush, Stumps, Carpet, Windows, Contaminated Soil, Bulky Rigid Plastics, Mattresses & Drywall. 

Clean Fill 

Is defined as Concrete, Interlock, Brick, Masonry Block, Dirt, Grass, Asphalt or any combination of these. The quoted price is for one clean fill item only. These may be mixed together in the same bin but a sorting fee will apply. If any other type of garbage is mixed into a clean fill bin, it will be considered and charged as Difficult Mixed Waste.

Absolutely no steel or rebar, garbage or wood, other wise it will be classed as Difficult Mixed Waste with a tipping fee of 310$ per metric tonne will apply.

Billing Process

A $400 pre-authorization will be processed before the bin is delivered.

Invoice totals will be calculated once the bin has been picked up and the contents are weighed & dumped, a receipt will be email to the supplied email address once your credit card is charged.

v Methods of payment (before delivery), which are accepted:  MasterCard / Visa only.

Fuel Surcharge

A 5% fuel surcharge applies while fuel prices are above $1.12 per litre.

Extra Charges

Air conditioners, freezers, refrigerators, any unit with freon – $50 each item

Tires – $20 each

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste MUST NOT be placed in the bin

Paint, tires, batteries, chemicals, gasoline, asbestos, air conditioners, freezers, refrigerators, any units with freon are all common examples of hazardous waste.

Please call the office if you have any questions of what can and can not go in the bins.  

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